Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Every time my son hears the wailing siren of a firetruck he gets really serious and asks me over and over "truck"? Its as though he's worried he missed the captains call and is ready to jump feet first into his overalls and boots.  I have a strong feeling that his birthday party this year will be firetruck themed! In preparation I have begun scouring the internet for the best decor and I have to say, I have found some great things!

i love this simple invite...it feels classic and fun

these boots are perfect to use for decor as well as for holding treats!

fill these with colorful cookies !

these are perfect dalmation colored cupcake holders

dalmation wrapping paper anyone?

you can get 12 of these for 10 dollars on ebay for each guest

lovin all these cupcakes

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